The Planets Made Me Cry

Happy Saturday!

Let’s reflect on this week…

To say the least, it was quite an emotional one for me. With the full moon in Pisces, the lunar eclipse AND Mercury still in retrograde… The energy was chaotic.

Monday was probably the most peaceful day and that’s a day where I have 8 hours of class & 5 minutes to eat dinner.

Monday started off with a drive to class. Class was typical, and by the end I felt exhausted. Can we talk about that for a second? How after class we feel SO drained, yet if I was anywhere else for an equal amount of time I wouldn’t feel this way? It’s the hundreds of bodies roaming around emitting their own vibration onto you and at times it can be a lot.

*Pro tip: take a shower after a long day of class. It’ll wash off any energy and refresh you for the rest of your day (however much time that may be).

Anyway…I came home, made dinner, kissed Coco and headed off to yoga. Every Monday I go to Kundalini yoga. This class has had an incredible impact on my life. This class isn’t the typical yoga session. It’s basically a meditation in which you follow a flow to activate different energy centers. After I feel alive, energized and detoxed…its amazing.

*PS – I’m currently getting a blowout at Drybar while writing this. Also, I owe you updates. Last weeks blowout was a 10/10. 🙂

Tuesday I actually got another blowout! That one was a little tight (referring to the curls) at first, but loosened up over the next few days. I then headed to a facial. My skins been acting out a little lately (I think it may be because of all the soy I consume). The facial was great. Painful due to the extractions, but much needed. I then headed back home to do homework, edit videos and hangout with Coco. I had a spin class booked that day, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave Coco home alone for more time. She’s my whole world and brings me more love than I could have ever imagined. So Tuesday finished off with a ton of reading and schoolwork.

Wednesday I had class all day again. I came home, quickly changed into workout clothes and headed to spin class. I was almost late due to traffic and I was about to cry. I NEED a workout daily to survive. I can’t sit around all day in a chair in class. I need to get my energy flowing and endorphins pumping! (not to mention I was on my period so homegirl was NOT having it). I was late but they let me in and that work out saved me. I came home, cleaned up the apartment, cuddled with Coco and headed to bed.

Thursday.. Oh girl. Thursday and Friday were so chaotic I’ll need a separate post to tell you about those 48 hours and the things I learned.

So for now, adios.

I love you. You need to love you.


Because who else can if you don’t?




9 thoughts on “The Planets Made Me Cry

  1. Even though I’ve never commented here before, I’ve been following your blog posts on this site since you started, & I absolutely LOVE it! I’ll be totally honest and say that at first, I couldn’t really understand the point of having a blog, and I definitely did NOT understand how it could be ANY different than watching your vlog channel…but I really love your content on both of your channels so I had to at least come check out this site when you told us about it. I also have to say that I was completely addicted to this blog after reading just your first post! This blog really IS sooo very different than watching your vlogs…maybe not totally “different”, but DEFinitely much more intimate and personal. You really get to see a totally different side/perspective of someone when you’re reading their own written word. & I ALSO have to say that your writing style is so captivating… I know that sounds a little extreme but it really just pulls you in, & I can’t stop reading and I also don’t want to! It’s almost like videos, which you sometimes can feel like you could just watch forever at times, but again like I said, this is MUCH more intimate here, and I might be a little obsessed! You really do have a knack for the written word, P!

    ANYWAY, now that I’ve gotten all of THAT out, lol… I decided that I just HAD to leave my first comment and bug you (just a little! haha) to update us about what happened on Thurs/Fri & the things you learned! I know by now that anything that you have experienced and has been significant enough to teach you something about life is always so important and relevant to others as well (at least it is to me, I know that much), and it’s always so inspiring to hear, or in this case read, about the things your peers have learned about life, and to know a little bit about what you sometimes have to go through to learn these lessons. It’s basically just a little bit of knowledge and wisdom that’s gained by simply sharing things/events/or experiences with others, and honestly those things can be priceless at times. It might sound cheesy but it’s true! & I know it must be important and relevant if you’re going to be discussing “life lessons” that YOU learned, esp. if the topics at hand warranted a WHOLE other, separate post… Hopefully the chaos in your life has started to settle down and you’ll be ready and able to share with us soon.

    Thanks, P! Sending you ALL the love from “your previous home” aka CHICAGOOO 👍
    Love you girllll and thanks for sharing your life and experiences with us through this blog! I absolutely love it! 😍💗😊💟😘💖💕✨

    1. I checked out ur blog and its amazing ahah! keep up the glam and work you put into it! love..

      if you don’t mind checking out mine as well that would mean a lot!

  2. These bring so much joy to my day! Would love if you could post one every morning but I know that’s not practical. Hope your day is going well 💋

  3. Hey girl are you going to post here anytime soon? I would love to hear from you, your blog posts are awesome!!

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