Sunday Night Thoughts

Hi guys,

It’s 11:06 on a Sunday night, otherwise known as the perfect time to spill the tea of the week. Today I had an incredible #sundayfunday (yes I hate myself for using the hashtag ). I love Sundays. I love sleeping in (even if it’s only until 9 because I can’t sleep any longer), brewing a fresh cup of coffee, and lounging in comfy sweatpants and fuzzy socks that are a liiiiitttle too childish for me. I love reflecting on my week, planning out the next wonderful seven days and cuddling with my kitten Coco (more like, the love of my life). Well, that’s usually how my Sunday’s go.

Today, I did almost the complete opposite. I woke up at 8 AM, went for a blowout at DryBar at 9 (my favorite little treat), spent the day on a rooftop in Beverly Hills, and hung out with a pole dancer (who made me a delicious cup of tea btw). I know what you’re thinking….. You’re wondering what kind of tea I had, right? It was green tea with a ~hint~ of lemon. That was an incredible time, but let me expand on the ~juicy~ details of my day.

Let’s start with the blowout. I think I’m going to start rating my blowout each time I tell you guys about them (just for shits & giggles c’mon guys have some fun). Today’s was definitely a 9/10. I always ask for “…a straight look with a lot of body and volume”, aka don’t CURL my hair but please make me look like I just walked off of a Victoria’s Secret runway. Sometimes they still make it too curly, and when my hair’s THAT curly, trust me, I look psychotic. Sometimes they leave it too flat, and also leave me wondering what that hour of round brush drying even did to my hair. Sometimes, however, they get it just right. They give me gorgeous volume, bouncy body, and gloss for days. Today I got a little bit of volume, some body, and a gorgeous gloss (hence why it’s a 9/10).

Moving on, my friend & I…(ps I think I’m going to keep names anonymous on here because sometimes my life gets dramatic and I don’t need to be the one spilling the tea, girl)…anyway, where was I? Oh, my friend & I went to a rooftop event at the above 60 hotel in Beverly Hills. Ooh girl, I lived for the aesthetic of that place. We had an incredible brunch, great beverages, and a view of the West Hollywood hills that never gets old. We were there for a while, yet it felt like it flew by. Don’t you love those moments? Those moments when you’re so present…you’re so THERE, so in the “now” that nothing else matters and all you want to do is smile? Well, these hours were some of those moments.

Later, we hangout with my friend’s friend (I know, I hate this expression too but I’m not even lying). My friend, let’s call him O…(if you know me you probably know who this is but…it was worth a try right?)…told me about his school friend and showed me her Snapchat and I instantly thought she was hilarious and incredibly interesting. So, what did we do? We called her and told her we were coming over. She agreed, and we honestly had a fun time. She does pole fitness, which I find so fascinating, and like most people, I was excited to see her moves! She was talented, and I felt inspired to try. 5 minutes later my arms hurt, I basically fell off, and gained an appreciation for pole fitness that I’ve never had before.

So, my fellow friends, that was my little Sunday. Tell me what your ideal Sunday is, I mean I’m going to need some inspiration for next week 😉



7 thoughts on “Sunday Night Thoughts

  1. Girl, love you! 💓 I find it so interesting that you decided to do a blog. I love the idea for you since you have mentioned you like to write 😊

  2. I think the fact that you’re launching this website is awesome! You now have an outlet for your uncensored thoughts and now we get to read them 😂😂. Also it’s nice reading something that’s actually relate able.

  3. Polina, I’m so incredibly excited for your blog content to grow! This post was so engaging- I love your writing style, that communications major is defs coming in handy 😉 Your lifestyle inspires me so much to see the positivity in everything and to live with a purpose- not just go through the motions. I can’t wait to hear more about your wild adventures.

  4. I love this blog style! Very “gossip girl”. There’s a pole fitness class at my gym that I’ve taken a few times and it is HARD! The instructors make it look so effortless and sexy and then I would try and fall flat on my ass lol. Your vlogs are so fun to watch and this blog is an even more personal facet to it, I love it! Super excited to read more posts from you! I’d be really interested in a review of that book you read, “The Soul Searcher’s Handbook” or maybe a post on all the books you’ve already read on spirituality that you’ve liked.
    Love from Alaska!

  5. OMG I’m so glad you started a blog! It’s great to get to see yet another side of you! I’ve always wanted to try pole fitness, I once told to a friend that that’s all I want to do for my 21st birthday. She better know that I wasn’t joking. Can’t wait to read more of your stuff!

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