Class & Sitting Next to Kylie Jenner

I haven’t checked in in about a week. Updates: life is great. Classes are good.
However… I wanted to talk about yesterday.
Yesterday was Wednesday. I wokeup, went to all my classes, came home, rushed to apply makeup and change, and then headed to the Jordan Woods X Boohoo event. I wasn’t expecting the event to be that wild, but it was more fun than I could have ever imagined.
Lindsey, Oli and I went around 8 and stayed until the whole thing was over. Kylie Jenner and Tyga were sitting right next to me, and I realized Kylie looks equally as hot in person (if not better). A ton of other celebs were there and it was great seeing so many familiar faces in one place.
The music was great, Jordan Woods looked incredible and her clothing collaboration was stunning. Kicking back, laughing and talking to so many new and awesome people was fun and inspiring.
It made me realize I need to say “yes” more. Even if that means changing into a dress and heading to a red carpet right after class and maybe looking a little too sweaty.
PS- I’m currently sitting in my chair at DryBar getting a blowout writing this on my phone. I guess you’ll have to see in the next post how this one turned out.
So in confusion, say yes. Say yes to that friend. Say yes to that party. Say yes to that coffee date. Say yes because you never know how much joy that one word can bring until you try it.
Smile, say yes… Most importantly, love yourself, babygirl.

5 thoughts on “Class & Sitting Next to Kylie Jenner

  1. I did this a few weeks ago and that night ended up being the best night of my life. Living in the moment, being spontaneous, and doing things out of my comfort zone has made such a positive impact in my life.

  2. I am so consistanly happy with each post you put up. I appreciate the time you put into all your work and I really think it pays off . The content is top notch 👌🏽 thank you for being you Polina . Always , your friend Simone

  3. omg, I agree! I need to start saying yes more too, maybe a say yes fall..
    I’ve been watching your videos for so many years now, but never comment. It’s so inspiring seeing how you are so motivated with everything and stay busy. I’ll continue watching your videos (and reading this blog) as a silent subscriber 🙂 Muuuch love from Dubai x

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