A New Chapter

Where do I even start…

Hi, my name is Polina and you may know me from social media as Pbbunny97. If not, here’s a quick introduction. I live in Los Angeles, my major is Communication Studies, and I am a social media influencer. What is that you ask? In short, I create content, work with brands, travel often, work on projects/shoots, and tweet photos of my playful kitten, Coco. My focus is in beauty/fashion/lifestyle, where I cultivate content on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. I know…you’re probably thinking, “Polina, are you telling me you need a FIFTH outlet?”, and yes, yes I do. As much as I love making content on those platforms, I felt as though I wanted a deeper connection. I wanted to share more of my life with you guys. Not just the perfect acai bowl or a cute outfit, but the real stuff, the stuff nobody wants to talk about. I want to come on here a few times a week and well, just talk. I want to let you know about everything; from how I felt walking that red carpet to my thoughts during class. I want to become your friend, and I want this to be a place where we can just be real, talk about life, and grow together.

So get some coffee, or champagne (I don’t judge), and let’s do a cheers to this new chapter!