A Thank You & A Little More Love

I’ve been working on videos today and decided to take a break and read all of my blog comments. I cannot even begin to describe the gratitude, love and passion I have for you all. Every single comment warms my heart as you describe your situation, and tell me that in some way, shape or form you can relate to me.

It feels incredible knowing you’re not alone. Knowing that somewhere, somehow, others feel what you feel. Although we’re all so different, at the end of the day we’re human. We’re all reflections of one another, and this is something I find so unbelievably beautiful.

I used to get upset at others for not thinking the same way as me. I used to question people’s decisions and yell in my head, “WHY!!!” or “How does she/he think this is okay?”. Yet, taking a step back and realizing that at the core we are all the same has allowed me to be accepting. It’s allowed me to be more compassionate. We’re all put here on Earth with lessons to learn and lives to be created. We’re all born at different times, in different places and with different planetary alignments. So, of course, what is natural to me may seem unfathomable to somebody else and vise versa.

Yet, reading each and every comment from you guys has allowed me to realize, on a much deeper level, that many of us have similar ideas, concepts and notions. We have these thoughts, these passions and these ambitions that we somehow can all relate to. I have found that this, this common eagerness, this common enthusiasm…this life that we all share, is something SO profoundly alluring and fascinating, yet it is also something we can experience together.

So thank you for your comment. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with me. I appreciate it more than you can imagine. I know how hard it is to put yourself out there. I know how difficult it is to share your deepest thoughts, imaginations and dreams… However, I want you to know that I care. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, care about you. I care about what you have to say. I simply care because YOU care. You care enough about me to keep up with my life (whether that be through my videos, vlogs, or social posts), so I give you that same love in return.

If you ever have an idea, a concept or even a story you’d like to share I want you to know that I not only welcome you to do so, but I ENCOURAGE you to type that comment.

Lastly, I want you to love yourself. I mean, that’ll make two of us. 🙂



37 thoughts on “A Thank You & A Little More Love

  1. Literally girl. You could be a famous writer. Is there anything you can’t do!? Ugh I wish I lived in LA so we could hungout!!

  2. 20, girl, northern cali!
    I live for your posts, i didn’t think i could love you more since i found you just by your vlog channel, but this is amazing!
    so real and awesome and unique please keep sharing with #nofilter
    so much love!


  3. Girl, you are beautiful. You inspire me everyday, love your videos, and also this blog. I follow you for about 3-4 years now and I really think you are gorgeous. I love that you are hard working person and that you are so optimistic.
    Love you 💕

  4. You are such a huge inspiration to me! Reading this makes me so happy for you and I am so glad you decided to do this.


  5. Love you so much. You are such an inspiration. I send I an email on meditation and crystals. I would love it if you emailed me back❤️❤️

  6. Polina, ohhhh my goodness!! You are such a great writer!! Honestly, you inspire me SO MUCH!!! I always look forward to watching your videos, vlogs, and reading your blogs. Somehow, someway, you always tend to make my day. I honestly love you SO MUCH and I’m so glad that I have a Youtuber out there that is so genuine and so real with people. It just makes my heart smile 🙂 Anyways, continue to be the great person you are because there’s so many people out there (including me) who look up to you!! Keep up the great work girly!!

  7. The positive energy that you share, encouragement to love ourselves and comfort that comes from just reading your genuine words ugh. It is such a good feeling.
    Thank you! <3

  8. I have been watching you since you started youtube and seeing you grow as a human has been amazing. I am 17 years old and feel like I have such a bond with you. How can people connect with people they have never met? Crazy world. But I am so thankful. I LOVE your videos. Your vlogs are my favourite videos to watch. I always wonder how I can find a persons life so interesting without knowing them, but I feel like this is the case with you, because I feel like I am watching a friend!! I just love your motivation, enthusiasm, and love that you give to the world and your viewers. I feel like a big reason why I connect with you so much is because we are the same personality (ENFJ-T), yes I took the personality test 🙂 I also enjoy talking alot and sharing my ideas with the world. I just cannot thank you enough for showing me how any goal in life can be reached with hard work. Thank you for the genuine love you put through your screen. I would love to be able to talk to you or email, so I can get more advice to be more productive, inspired, positive, ect. Thanks for being you!!! XO

  9. Hey Polina!! I just wanted to let you know that I am the girl who commented on your IG photo about a couple weeks ago, and I was telling you how I watched your “coffee and tea with PB” video, and you responded saying I could email you and I did btw!! 🙂 Reading this blog truly made me tear up. I honestly LOVE LOVE LOVE that you tell all of your fans/subscribers/followers/etc that we should love ourselves. That is something that I struggle with and I’m sure others do it. It is just so beautiful to hear you say how we’re important and how we should love ourselves because we deserve it. Thank you that constant reminder and thank you for challenging to truly believe in myself and be happy with who I am. I love you so much, you’re literally my favorite person and it’s honestly my DREAM to just get brunch with you and talk life <3333

  10. Your blog posts have been so amazing. I bookmarked your page a couple days ago and I keep clicking on it to see if you’ve posted anything new. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your blog posts have made me love you even more as a person. Your videos and posts have already taught me so many great life lessons, and I’m really thankful to you for it. I feel like you’re someone that I would love to talk to about life, the future, school, etc. I’m actually going to the same school as you in a couple weeks (this will be my first year in college), so hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to meet you and be friends. I was touring the school a few months ago, and I thought I saw you but I wasn’t really sure haha. Can’t wait to read more of your posts! Love you Polina!

  11. Honestly, I love your videos and how real you are. You are gorgeous have an awesome fashion sense and overall you have a feel good presence. I can always put on one of your videos and sit back and laugh+ enjoy. You are such an awesome girl and your positivity is contagious. Keep up the amazing work and videos. I know you will go so far in life with that attitude I can’t wait to see all what you will accomplish!!!!! Ps- I also totally love black opium perfume.

  12. After another long day of being an 18 yr old single mom working and going to school this was so refreshing to read . You inspire me so much! Please keep this up <3

  13. Hi Polina!
    I’m up and can’t sleep, and I realized you had a blog so I decided to come read your posts. You are an incredibly talented writer, and it’s extremely admirable how content you are with yourself and grounded in your beliefs. I noticed you really like reading (so do I), so I just wanted to get your opinion on any books you think I would enjoy. I am 20 and enjoy reading books with like case studies and stuff. Kind of nerdy haha.

    Do you have any good recommendations for books about finding the right path for your life, soulmates, etc…?

    Thank you! 🙂

  14. You literally radiate positive energy! I genuinely feel so inspired after watching your videos or reading this blog so thank you so much for that !!
    Keep it up girl! XO

  15. Polina, I love that you’re blogging! It’s so nice to see someone on Youtube who has an intuitive and spiritual outlook on life, you’re going to be so happy you started this work at such a young age! Your continued kindness towards others when people post such uncalled for rude/negative things about you are truly inspiring.
    And so is your sense of style, girl you slay.
    The world needs more Polinas!!

  16. You’re not only an amazing writer but also an amazing human being! I hope I can meet you soon girl, you are very inspiring!
    Lots of love from Spain❤️

  17. Hi Polina,

    I love your blog posts so far. But I have a question that is irrelevant to the post. I love your Fashion Nova hauls and always want to order from there…but am unsure about sizing. I was wondering what size you order when you shop there. I’m not your size, but just wanted to get an idea because the clothes fit you quite well and I know you’re tiny so wondering if a medium will be too small for me (even though I usually get that size) because it seems to run small in size. Thanks a lot!

  18. Once again very powerful! So excited that you will be stepping into the world of astrology. It’s so interesting and makes you think of your purpose in life. I hope you enjoy the course!

  19. You can I couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to lifestyle, but I think that’s what draws me to your content. We are similar on an intellectual level and it kind of blows my mind. How can two people so different have nearly the same thoughts? I love watching/reading your content, because you always want to speak deep and meaningfully. I can sit and watch you talk forever, keep up all of your amazing work!

  20. You’re so amazing polina! I look forward to reading your posts!
    Id love to receive email notifications 😝💖

  21. Omg girl, I love reading your blog! You’re honestly my favorite YouTuber by far, I literally save your vlogs to watch because I don’t want them to run out haha. I just relate to you so much. Maybe its because I’m a Taurus with Gemini in me, when I heard you say you had Taurus in you I was just like, ” No wonder!”. I’d love to hear you talk more about what you want to do with your communications degree, I’m also in school right now but working in Human Resources in Target while I attend just to gain experience in the HR/PR field to figure out what I like best.

  22. Absolutely love your blog and I’m so happy you started writing! You inspire me each and every time I watch your videos, and your drive and motivation in life is enough to get me going, even on my worst of days! Can’t wait to read more blog posts girl….I’m OBSESSED!

  23. This post made me so happy because I never comment on anythinggggggg and I commented on ur last blog post because it was so good I had to. So just knowing you read through all of the comments made me feel very special! I really love the movement your making polina, been following you for years + it’s been amazing to see you grow and find yourself! You’re an amazing girl and I hope big things come your way! One love PB!!

  24. Girl, you are killing it. I have been following your videos since I was in 7th grade maybe. I am now heading off to college in September so I honestly feel like we are best friends. I honestly wish we were, wish we knew eachother personally and texted like normal friends do. This may sound a bit desperate, but I am only sharing this because you are so inspiring. You are always 100% yourself and have no shame in that. I admire your ambition and determination and wish that I was as confident as you. You have so many qualities that I look for in people. I love this new blog. I too feel like it is so connecting and refreshing. I blog too! It started out as kind of a little website/blog, but now that I am heading off to college and want to write more and keep up with it more, it’s going to turn more into a blog. Anyway, love ya.
    XOXO Gossip Girl

    JK it’s Ashlynn

  25. I LOVE reading your blog posts. I’m finding them very fun and relatable. I can’t wait to read the next one. 🙂

  26. Girl , your stories are amazing !!! I love you’re writing !!! It just makes it so relatable & so interesting to read ! You should definitely write a book ! I wouldn’t hesitate about buying it knowing you are the author ! Keep it up !!

  27. Polina, I am really loving your blog, you definitely have a way wth words and are inspiring people with your posts. I will be completely honest & say that I watched your vlogs on YouTube and I didn’t warm to you at first… I got the impression that maybe you were a bit of an air head, a typical superficial L.A. girl but something kept bringing me back to your videos even though I never subscribed. Then one day I watched your video where you talked about your blog and I clicked on it out of interest. I was so wrong about you and it’s reminded me that appearances can be so deceptive. You are intelligent & your ambition shines through in your blog posts. I feel such inspiration reading your positive words, it makes me want to get up and be productive!! Also, it’s funny because you actually remind me of my younger self. At your age (I’m 28 btw), I was often judged for being superficial and a “dumb blonde”. I bleached my hair, straightened it every day, did my makeup to perfection, fake tan, fake nails, the works….I cared SO much about my appearance to the point that I think others could sense this & didn’t always take me seriously. But underneath all the makeup I had bigger plans, I went to university where I studied law, I got good grades, I was quietly ambitious. And isn’t it just great when you can prove people wrong? you proved me wrong! I subscribed to both your channels & im looking forward to reading more of your blog 🙂 Also here is a quote that is relevant and I like a lot “they are always quick to judge but never quick to understand”. I’m gonna hold off my judgement & try to be a better person, always improving. Sorry for the longggg comment but I had to share! Thanks for all your positivity & love! Go get em girl xxxx

  28. I am so happy that you started pouring out your thoughts, feelings and experiences into this blog. Reading your posts make me feel like we’re best friends, sitting on the couch in our pjs, talking about our day. Thank you for being so inspiring and real. Love you ❤️

  29. I think it’s amazing that you’ve started a blog and get to pour out your heart and feelings and have people here to read and appreciate it. I’ve loved watching u on YouTube and now this is my new favorite thing! Keep up the amazing work ❤️

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